Tom Witt is a Bully

As a woman, I have always believed I have a duty to vote and to make sure all our voices are heard. Women who went before me sacrificed so much to ensure I even had a voice in the political conversation at all.

My heroes are women who step up and demand a seat at the table. Women like Casey Yingling.

Casey is not the first woman in politics. She's not a household name. Even so, she represents something I think many women can recognize and admire. She demanded to be heard. I admire that. While politics is still overwhelmingly a male-dominated world, the Democratic Party has embraced women's issues.

As Democrats, we fight rape culture, we encourage women to fill roles, and we welcome female voices. Don't we?

What's happening to Casey is not simply about sexism but it certainly plays a part. As a punishment for her speaking up to powerful men, this woman has been spoken over, personally and professionally shamed, and scapegoated by a good ole boys network. We value creating workplaces free of this type of bullying, yet here it is. Again.

Some of you will defend these men in power who demand proof from Casey by saying “a woman initiated the petition.” That's certainly true enough. It does not change the fact that Casey was bullied and shut down by the men in leadership around her. It does not change the harassment. It's unfortunate that a woman initiated this action. I strongly believe that was entirely by design. It is a cheap attempt to remove any air of obvious sexism or unprofessionalism. I recognize it for what it is. I hope you do, too.

It is even more unfortunate that male leaders within the KDP, like Tom Witt, are demanding Casey provide proof of her innocence and threats against her but haven’t demanded the same from the woman who initiated this action.

I thought everyone was innocent until proven guilty?

I thought it was the responsibility of the accuser to prove the guilt of the accused?

However, like we see time and time again, the woman being victimized must prove her character, removing the burden of proof from the attacker. 

There has yet to be any evidence provided to substantiate the accusations made against Casey. None. There has never been a demand for the woman who initiated the petition to prove her allegations, despite Casey denying all these accusations both privately and publicly.

Women are such a large part of our grassroots force. We do this work because we believe this is our Party. We must demand all levels of the Party believe in equal voices and, more than that, actually practice equality.


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