I Joined ICTIndivisible to Stop Corruption

I joined ICTIndivisible to speak truth to power. To fight corruption in politics, and fight for progressive values and candidates. I didn’t know I would be fighting the Democratic Party. I thought I would be fighting Republicans, conservatives, and potentially some Libertarians. The Democratic Party has never mattered to me; the issues the Democratic Party claims to value are what matters.

When the Kansas Democratic Party first made the decision not to support James Thompson financially, I was shocked. James Thompson was a candidate that fought with strength and passion for the issues that matter to Kansas Democrats and progressive allies. James Thompson was a candidate that was bringing groups of people together that had been turned off by politics. I expected the Kansas Democratic Party to wrap their arms around James Thompson and do whatever they could to help him cross the finish line. Ron Estes is boring. James Thompson was prepared and ready to take him on and the Kansas Democratic Party refused to invest in a candidate that they did not pick. The Kansas Democratic Party does not want the people to pick our own candidate.

The KDP cost a qualified candidate an election that could have been won. Not only did they refuse to invest, it was clear the Kansas Democratic Party did nothing to shut down executive committee members like Carri New from actively working against James Thompson. This mentality from the Kansas Democratic Party created a lot of resentment among those of us that invested so much time and energy into his campaign.

It became clear to me that I had to speak up about what I see as corruption and political chicanery for personal gain and power retention. Learning more about the Kansas Democratic Party, and the people involved, it is now clear to me this is why I joined ICTIndivisible. I joined this group to fight corruption in our political system, no matter the source, corruption must end.

Casey Yingling and Levi Henry helped turn Sedgwick County blue for the first time in decades, and their reward is attacks and threats. I might not have political clout or power. I have a voice and I have passion, two things they can’t take away from me. 

I will use my voice to defend my friends and to help those that, for whatever reason, can’t speak truth to power themselves.

These same party leaders trying to destroy the energy that we created during the special election, are dedicated to stopping the voice of reform within leadership. We all support Casey and she can’t resign, because if she resigns, corruption and lies win. We created this website to share our stories and create transparency we need to have real change, first within the Kansas Democratic Party and then in Kansas politics overall.

First, we turned Sedgwick County blue. Next we will turn the Fourth District blue, but only if the Kansas Democratic Party gets out of the way.