Disappointed Lifelong Democrat

I joined the Party when I was 18 years old. I grew up believing in the Democratic Party and believing in the process. I was a loyal Democrat that always voted party lines; my faith did not waiver. I trusted my Party.

Like many of us, I was horrified with the results of our 2016 Presidential Election. I've lived in conservative states my entire life. I was not a stranger to election loss but for the first time, I feared what an election outcome meant.

I did not feel safe. This led me to look for ways I could help.

I've volunteered before on small-scale elections, community events, hospices and the like. I'm familiar with the importance community engagement. I decided to spend my time now in the political volunteer world. I wanted to be part of "The Resistance." That is how I learned about Indivisible, specifically my local chapter. I was thrilled to find like-minded people, many Democrats just like me. For the first time in many months, I felt secure. That changed, however.

As I became more familiar with my local political scene I started to learn that everything was not as simple as I thought. I imagined our work would be to bolster my lifelong Party. I imagined that, while we all may not agree, we would at least be united. I never imagined that our biggest adversaries would be those within the same party. I learned very quickly that my voice was less important because of where I lived. I was welcome to give money or time -- as long as I did so quietly. I found an environment full of cronyism, backroom deals, and frankly, deception.

I've listened to recorded phone calls and reviewed documents that confirm all I feared -- my Party was comfortable abandoning outside Democratic candidates. They were comfortable continuing a good ole boy network. They were comfortable with losing.

As I started with, I am a lifelong Democrat. My children have followed and are registered Party members, too. It truly breaks my heart to learn the things I have learned. It breaks my heart to write this post. I did not begin this journey ever expecting to take a stand against my Party. However, it has become a necessity.

I hate the discord and the bitterness. I am sure you do, too. The time has come, however, to stand up and demand change or let people make bad deals in our names. It is more important than ever that we stand in solidarity and demand transparency and truthfulness.

I will not abandon my Party. I hope you won't either.