About SaveTheParty.org

SaveTheParty.org is a project of ICTIndivisible and allies dedicated to exposing wrong doings and driving reforms within the Kansas Democratic Party to insure that the Party and Party leadership operates in a fair and transparent 

It's no secret that the political parties are viewed with skepticism and / or downright hated by a majority citizens of voting age. In order to reform the image of the Kansas Democratic Party, we aim to build a party that represents the views of Democrats and like-minded allies, and demonstrates that it is responsive to the people, not just a select few party insiders.manner.

Our goal is to build a more accountable and inclusive Kansas Democratic party.

The Board of ICTIndivisible 

Jessica Nicolet, President and Founder

Jeremy Bennett, Vice-President

Courtney Taylor, Treasurer

Monica Marks, Secretary

Stephanie Yeager, Director of Outreach & Engagement